As the Sport of Surfing Continues to Grow, the Olympics is Supporting Aspiring African Athletes with Surf Programs

Man surfing on EpicSurf

July 25, 2023 (Cohoes, NY) Behind the worldwide broadcast, newfound superstars, and millions of dollars in funding- an African surf development program in Senegal has taken place as part of the Olympic’s efforts to wide-reaching reverberations of surfing’s Olympic inclusion. The program included mentor sessions, heat drills, functional movement sessions, lessons on judging criteria, breath […]

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Cam Hoover, EpicSurf’s Sponsored Surfer Takes on a Water Park Wave Pool Powered by ADG’s Wave Technology!

Cam Hoover, EpicSurf's Sponsored Surfer

July 6, 2023 (Cohoes, NY) This past week, Cam Hoover, a 16 year old aspiring World Surf League professional surfer and EpicSurf’s sponsored surfer, tried out a 26,000 sqft water park wave pool, putting her surf skills to the test! This wave pool, designed and built by Aquatic Development Group (ADG) features ADG Wave technology, specifically […]

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