EpicSurf FAQs

EpicSurf creates a true “deep water wave” with a depth of water that ranges from 3′ – 5′ (.9 – 1.5m) depending on wave height selected.  Deep water waves like the EpicSurf are designed for sport.  It’s real surfing with real surfboards.

Other stationary wave machines feature “sheet waves”.  These are created by pushing a thin sheet of water ranging anywhere from 2″ to 17″ (5 – 43cm), over a formed surface.  Examples of this type of ride on the market today would include the FlowRider and the SurfStream.  These rides offer a fun, recreational skill-based boogie boarding & flowboarding experience and often refer to themselves as “surf simulators”.

A rapid surf wave if a term often used to refer to a surfable river wave, or naturally occurring stationary wave. Because EpicSurf creates an experience similar to surfing on a stationary river wave, it is often referred to as “rapid wave technology”.

EpicSurf creates its surf wave through an integrated hydraulic pump system which propels water through a series of baffles that are fine-tuned to precisely control the flow and turbulence of water down a sluice.

A built-in proprietary adjustable reef system on the floor of the EpicSurf is accessed via a wireless remote control center that provides variations in wave height from 2’ to 5’ (.9 – 1.5m) in just seconds. This allows the attendant to tailor every session, and every wave, to the specific skill level of the surfer.

EpicSurf produces a true deep wave of water with the necessary thickness and depth to accommodate a full range of boards without the worry of fins hitting, breaking, or bottoming out.

EpicSurf’s Rapid Wave Adjustability feature allows the wave height to be fine-tuned from a depth of 3ft – 5ft (.9 – 1.5m) in just seconds, a range that has been tested and proven to provide the optimal wave height to match every rider’s skill level from beginner to expert, as well as accommodate any board selection.

Surfing is a skill based, participatory sport that provides excitement for a wide range of ages and experience levels. As the operator, you will determine who can ride and how your patrons will experience the EpicSurf based on how you wish to operate your wave and the programs you choose to offer.

While ultimately up to the owner, the EpicSurf wave can handle virtually any style of board available, including boogie boards, skimboards, foamboards, and of course, surfboards of every variety, including full length ocean boards with multiple fins.

Yes, we can! Our optional add-on equipment package includes (20) surfboards of varying lengths that are ideal for beginner, intermediate, and expert surfers. As part of the equipment package, you also get (2) training bars for use in your beginner and learn-to-surf programs.

The EpicSurf ride surface is expandable starting from a width of 30ft (9m).

From the time of order and deposit, you can expect that your EpicSurf equipment package would be ready for shipment within 16 – 20 weeks (average lead time). The installation timeframe is estimated at 8 – 10 weeks from date equipment is received on site.

An investment in an EpicSurf is significantly less than the cost of the large man-made surf pool lagoons that require large amounts of land and infrastructure to operate.  You can expect your all-in project costs for a 30’ (9m) EpicSurf to start in the low seven-figure range dependent on the type of build-out and project you choose to develop.

Yes! We offer a Mechanical & Filtration package option that addresses all of your filtration and water treatment system needs, including sizing, design, and equipment supply.

While we would not classify our above-grade installation option as “mobile”, it is relocatable. The unit is built upon a concrete slab and could be disassembled and rebuilt at a new location should the need arise. To discuss the possibilities of this application, please reach out to one of our sales representatives at [email protected]

If desired, the water treatment package can be designed to include heating.

With EpicSurf you only pay for what you use.  Our enhanced wave control system has built-in energy and cost saving features including variable frequency drives (VFD’s) that regulate your pump motors to correlate your power consumption to actual usage, preventing a heavy load from straining the motor on start-up and enhancing the longevity of your system.

The perimeter surfaces in the surf zone are fully padded. Our surfer recovery area provides for a soft landing on a cushion of water due to the thickness (full depth) of the EpicSurf wave, minimizing surfer contact with the floor versus on thinner film options.

Where can I buy a surf pool and wave surfing machine?

Maybe you are a developer looking to create the ideal surf venue? Or maybe you are the owner and operator of a surf park, resort, or water park looking to capitalize on the popularity of surfing and expand your offerings?  Or perhaps you own a hotel near a beach and want your surfers to have a place to practice.  Whatever the venture, EpicSurf is the answer to buying the perfect compact surf wave system to provide your guests with an EPIC experience they won’t soon forget!

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Where can I put in my surf pool?

where to install an EpicSurf venue

If you are asking yourself “Where can I put my EpicSurf?”, the answer is almost anywhere! The popularity of stationary surf wave/surf pool attractions and the sport of surfing is quickly growing across the world. From stand-alone surf venues, to water parks and surf parks, to hotels and resorts, surf pools like the EpicSurf stationary surf wave, offer waves of fun in a compact footprint, perfect for almost any location!

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