What’s The Difference Between A Sheet Wave & A Real Wave?

EpicSurf differs from a sheet wave in many ways… the main reason being that EpicSurf is a deep water wave. A sheet wave, due to the lack of water depth, inability to adjust the wave height and the incapacity for guests to use real finned surfboards lacks the diversity in programming and revenue generation capability compared to a real deep water stationary wave like EpicSurf.


Sheet Wave vs Deep water wave EpicSurf’s technology was created based on REAL waves shown in nature, tested by REAL surfers (and aspiring ones too!), and designed with a REAL swell of water created by a hydraulic jump. EpicSurf brings a customizable, real surf experience for ALL of your guests, bringing them back time and time again to progress their surf skills.

EpicSurf vs Sheet Wave Comparison Chart

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