Real Surfboards: The Difference Between A Sheet Wave & A Real Wave

fins on a surfboard are an essential part of surfing

In many ways, sheet waves fall short of providing a true surf experience – including the ability to use real, finned surfboards.

But why is surfing with fins important? In a deep water wave, like EpicSurf, fins allow the surfer better stability, control, and direction of the surfboard. They also allow surfers to practice real surf techniques and skills such as cutting and carving through the water.

Finless Surfboard vs Real Surfboard With Fins

Venues prioritizing a genuine surf experience should choose a deep water wave like EpicSurf to replicate the authentic thrill and challenge of surfing – allowing riders to truly engage in the sport of surfing, anywhere in the world.

By investing in a real surf experience with EpicSurf, venues can provide a customizable experience to surfers of ALL abilities, staying and spending, and keep guests coming back to hone their skills.

EpicSurf vs Sheet Wave Comparison Chart

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