Get On Board With Deep Water Surfing

Introducing EpicSurf®, the world’s most innovative deep-water stationary surf wave, revolutionizing the sport of surf by making surfing accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere – offering a customizable surf experience tailored to each guest.

EpicSurf’s rapid wave technology can be quickly and easily adjusted to match every rider’s skill level and choice of board. Entire families can enjoy the thrill and excitement, each at their own pace and comfort level. From beginners learning to surf to experts perfecting their tricks and turns, EpicSurf’s stationary wave surfing provides the ideal platform for creating the ultimate surf venue.

The Epic Technology

  • Manufactured in Upstate New York manufacturing plant, guaranteeing superior product quality and cost control.
  • 24/7, year-round remote troubleshooting and technical support for the life of your product.
  • Proven quality and durability with warrantied parts and service.
  • Turn-key design, buildout, production, and installation services are available.

The Company Behind EpicSurf North America’s Leading Designer, Builder, And Manufacturer Of Waves & Water Parks.

ADG is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge advancements in water park design, water rides, and wave generation technology to our clients. From our early beginnings in the water park industry, ADG has consistently set industry standards in wave generation and the water park design/build process over the last 50 years.

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