An Epicsurf Recap Of The Saudi Entertainment & Amusement Expo!

Last week, EpicSurf attended the Saudi Entertainment & Amusement Expo in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia! EpicSurf had a successful time at the show and we are thrilled for the opportunity to bring real surfing to Saudi! 


EpicSurf at the entrance of the SEA Expo convention center


We attended this show to highlight both EpicSurf and ADG as the MENA region is booming with tourism and many new projects. While this region strives to create new tourism spots that showcase sustainability and inclusivity, ADG Waves and EpicSurf are the perfect solutions to be added to these new venues. EpicSurf brings the joy of surfing to ALL abilities, anywhere in the world with real surfing and real surfboards! As the MENA region continues to grow and expand it’s offerings – Epicsurf can differentiate your property with a skill-based attraction that is fun to surf, boogie board, and even just watch the fun!



While attending many meetings, dinners, events and site visits, EpicSurf was able to create a worldwide network of partners, clients, and friends, bringing home 50+ leads through networking events including the Rafeeh Group & Al Hokair party, and the TEA Lunch!


EpicSurf's booth at the SEA Expo


We are excited and eager to support Saudi surfers (existing and aspiring) by bringing waves to the Kingdom with EpicSurf.

Contact us to learn more about EpicSurf’s Surf-All, Surf Anywhere Experience at [email protected]