A SWELL of Surfing Success! An Inside Look At EpicSurf’s Sponsored Surfer’s Career.

EpicSurf is proud to have Cam Hoover as our first ever sponsored surfer. This article highlights some of Cam’s upcoming exciting activities, training, and surf events all while finishing 10th grade and starting online college courses!



Cam recently underwent an intensive training course and received her Level 1 certification by completing the Ocean Risk Technician Course with the Big Wave Risk Assessment Group (BWRAG). It is BWRAG’s mission to share their collective knowledge and key learnings of ocean safety and risk management with the international ocean community to continue to advance awareness, best practices, and technological advancement in ocean safety. This course was a great way for Cam to maximize her own safe practices and to elevate the safety of those she shares the surf lineup with. “I decided to participate in the BWRAG training to learn how to be more comfortable surfing big waves, but the experience I got out of it was so much more. I made amazing relationships with professional big wave surfers, the instructors who offered their time to help myself, and everyone attending. Now when I want to surf big waves, I know who I can get in contact with.”

Cam is training and preparing for the upcoming WSL Longboard Pro competition that will be held on Memorial Day weekend in her hometown of Virginia Beach. After the event she is heading to the Carolinas to compete in all-female pro contests including the Wahine Classic in North and South Carolina, Nissan Super Girl Pro in California, and the Air Force Super Girl Pro in Florida!

Part of Cam’s training has been by utilizing EpicSurf to improve her skills by means of wave consistency and repetition. “After practicing on EpicSurf, my arms were better, and I could move my body differently in ways I wasn’t able to before. I was putting more power into my turns and turn frontside and backside so consistently. Everything was a lot cleaner and sharper. After my first training experience on the EpicSurf wave, I came home and won a contest the next week.”



While preparing for the next part of the WSL Shortboard Tour in California, Cam will be living and teaching surfing lessons in the Outer Banks with an organization called REAL Watersports. Located in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, REAL Watersports is one the best kiteboarding and surfing shop, lesson center and destinations. REAL Lessons are unique because of their private and exclusive location, coaches that share their love for watersports in a fun, and relaxed manner, and “On the Fly” coaching where each coach used a watercraft to stay near the students.

Cam is a great surf instructor and loved the ease and effectiveness EpicSurf brought to teaching new surfers. When asking Cam what it was like to teach beginners to use EpicSurf she said, “It was super fun, it’s cool seeing the happiness when they finally get the hang of it. For beginners like my mom and sister, you can get used to the wave and stand up and work on your balance easily, especially with the help of the training bars. The training bars help you get used to the wave and the power of the water moving. For beginners who are learning how to surf, EpicSurf is a great tool.



We at EpicSurf are incredibly proud of Cam Hoover’s dedication and hard work as she continues to take on new challenges and reach new heights in her surfing career. At such a young age, Cam is on her way to building an exceptional surfing career, and we love being a part of her journey and are thrilled to see her success. We look forward to continuing to support Cam as she pursues her passion for surfing, and needless to say, her future is bright, and her surf career is bound to be EPIC!