Resort Communities Turn to Adventure Sports to Lure New Residents – Including Surfing!

From wave pools to archery ranges, horseback riding to ax-throwing, communities are expanding beyond golf — and winning customers along the way. Golf has been a major anchor for attracting residents to resort communities since a construction boom in the 1960s. Now, developments around the world are adding adrenaline-spiking pursuits in addition to signature golf courses.

One resort that added adventure sports is in Fasano Las Piedras, Uruguay. Last year, Thad Layton, a senior golf course architect and vice president at the Arnold Palmer Design Company, designed a sustainable 18-hole course in Punta del Este. The water activities at the resort include kiteboarding, fly-fishing, windsurfing, canoeing, paddleboarding and sailing. Those who want to enjoy water sports in the ocean can take electric boats down the Maldonado River to Fasano’s beach club in La Barra.


Another water sport expansion was designed by real estate developer Oscar Segall in 2018 who purchased Fazenda da Grama, a countryside golf community in Itupeva (about 43 miles from São Paulo). To complement the par-72 18-hole championship course designed by Brian Costello, Mr. Segall added a six-and-a-half acre wave pool, fringed by a kilometer-long white-sand beach that can accommodate up to 6,000 sun seekers.

“To get to the beach from São Paulo, a city of 21 million people, you can sit in traffic for three to four hours on the weekends, and most of the beaches are super crowded for surfing,” Mr. Segall said. To recreate a coastal beach vibe, Mr. Segall added palm trees, beach volleyball courts, a 25-meter lap pool, and bars and restaurants for residents and their guests to use. People can also go wakeboarding, kitesurfing and windsurfing on the property’s freshwater lake.

“I taught my son how to surf in the wave pool,” said Otávio Carneiro, a native of Rio de Janeiro and longtime surfer. “There are beginner, intermediate and advanced waves, depending on the time of day. He rides about 12 waves in 30 minutes as opposed to two or three waves in the ocean in the same amount of time.” With the press of a button, waves can be modified from easy to difficult, a foot to six-feet high, slow to fast, left to right, and barrels to point breaks. “In the ocean, everyone is fighting for a good wave,” Mr. Carneiro explained, adding that, at Fazenda da Grama, “there’s a nice spirit of community.”

Wave Pool

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There is a trend toward adding adventure-oriented amenities to resort developments which is increasing customer acquisition. It has been found that the average age of homeowners dropped from 65-70 to 45-50 since the wave pool was added in 2019 to the resort in Fazenda da Grama, Brazil, also showing that many residents who are avid golfers are now spending more time surfing. EpicSurf provides the thrill and sense of community, creating the ultimate adventure-oriented amenity to any resort destination.

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