Looking To Buy a Stationary Surfing Wave or Surf Pool? ADG Is Your Answer.

Maybe you are a developer looking to create the ideal surf venue? Or maybe you are the owner and operator of a surf park, resort, or water park looking to capitalize on the popularity of surfing and expand your offerings?  Or perhaps you own a hotel near a beach and want your surfers to have a place to practice.

Whatever the venture, EpicSurf is the answer to buying the perfect compact surf wave system to provide your guests with an EPIC experience they won’t soon forget!  ADG is the leading supplier of wave machine systems and surfing waves because we understand the mechanics of waves and wave pools—whether that’s moving large masses of water across a pool or creating an EPIC surf wave in a compact machine.

Our Experience

ADG, the leading North American builder, designer, and manufacturer of water parks and waves, is headquartered in Upstate New York and is the go-to company in the industry when it comes to waves, wave pools, surf pools, and surf rides. With over 125+ FlowRiders and 500+ wave systems installed all over the world, we provide our clients with the newest advancements in wave generation technology. Time and time again, our clients see how our carefully planned and imaginative designs result in beautiful, exciting parks and attractions.

The ADG Way

We know that for most companies, our wave and surf pool attractions exist within a larger business plan and framework. We approach every project as a new partnership and as an opportunity to work collaboratively with our clients, to address not just the project objective, but also how it relates to and impacts the rest of the business.

Our clients are not just another number at ADG, and our 75 percent repeat customer rate is a testament to that fact. At ADG, our priority is to make sure the needs of our clients are met promptly, correctly, and with respect.

Our past and current clients all agree, EpicSurf is a great product delivered by a company with the experience and integrity you want in a partner.  For more information on buying an EpicSurf wave or surf pool, give us a call at (518)-783-0038 or send us an email at [email protected]