Where Can I Put My EpicSurf Wave?

If you are asking yourself “Where can I put my EpicSurf?”, the answer is almost anywhere! The popularity of stationary surf wave/surf pool attractions and the sport of surfing is quickly growing across the world. From stand-alone venues, to water parks and surf parks, to hotels and resorts, surf pools and stationary surf waves like the EpicSurf can be found wherever people are enjoying an active day of fun in the water.

Surf pools and stationary waves with true “deep-water waves” like the EpicSurf are ideal for everyone, from newbies looking for surfing lessons where they can practice getting comfortable with the board, to advanced surfers who want to work on mastering their turns, carves, cutbacks, and more!

Changing the Sport of Surfing

EpicSurf is changing the landscape of the surf industry! By allowing surfing instructors the ability to quickly and easily increase and decrease wave intensity to match the abilities of their students, learning to surf has never been easier or more accessible. And the compact footprint of the EpicSurf means the options of where this surf pool wave can go are almost endless. With that amount of freedom and control, we may see a future with many more talented surfers learning the sport quicker and easier than ever before.

The Ultimate Destination

If you are looking for a stationary wave machine for your venue, there really is no better option than the EpicSurf. Just one shred and you will ask your colleagues, “Where can I put MY surf pool!”

With an EpicSurf wave in your venue, whether stand-alone, waterpark, amusement park, hotel, resort, or surf park, you will create the stoke your gusts are craving and watch your profits soar.  Even land-locked areas are seeing an increased interest in inland surfing!  So whether you’re located along the shore or smack in the middle of the city, the EpicSurf stationary surf wave creates maximum guest appeal, in a minimum footprint space.

Why Choose ADG to Deliver your Wave?

As a proud business that treats their clients as valued partners, we take care of all the details. It is our job to understand how surf wave pools work and how to install them. Meanwhile, we work alongside clients to make strategic decisions about how to integrate the EpicSurf into their current offerings. Working together, we know we can consistently deliver groundbreaking projects and attractions.

For more help on where to put your EpicSurf wave or surf pool, give us a call at (518)-783-0038 or send us an email at [email protected]