Surfd Mag – Introducing the EpicSurf Stationary Surf Wave

ADG’s EpicSurf offers a unique Rapid Wave Adjustability system by means of a remote access control system that allows the operator to quickly and easily tune the wave, which means each and every rider, whether expert or beginner, can get an instantly customizable ride experience matched perfectly to their skill level. Dual training bar options are also available for beginners helping to ease them onto the wave and enhance learn-to-surf programming opportunities.

And the non-stop action of the EpicSurf wave means that the waves keep rolling so surfers never have to wait to catch that perfect swell.

“I caught about 150 waves in about 7 hours of surfing EpicSurf today, and I feel like I have progressed so much”, said Cooper Jewel, an ESA Junior Surfer who surfed EpicSurf earlier this month. “That’s more waves than I catch in a year of surfing in the ocean!”