Finding Waves: Alex Mauer on Rivers, Oceans & EpicSurf

Growing up in landlocked Colorado, Alex Mauer’s dream of becoming a surfer seemed far-fetched. Yet, inspired by his father’s East Coast surfing tales, Alex found his way to the waves, beginning with an ocean trip that left him completely hooked. His passion for surfing led him to explore unconventional terrains, such as river waves, and eventually, to surf on EpicSurf – the deep-water stationary wave pioneered by Aquatic Development Group (ADG).

Alex Mauer River Surfing

Alex’s journey into river surfing started when his father moved to Golden, Colorado. “To keep us busy, he got a couple of boogie boards,” Alex recalls. “We’d see kayakers, surfing these tiny little river waves or river holes. And we’re like, ‘Man, I bet we could do that on the boogie boards.” The transition from boogie boarding to standing up on a river wave was a gradual and challenging process for Alex. In 2007, armed with a soft-top board, Alex spent hours trying to ride a barely-there river ripple, finally managing a brief but celebratory ride. “Somehow by some miracle, I stood up, I mean, it felt like a five second ride, but it was probably like a second or half a second ride. And I knew it was possible from then on,” he said. This moment solidified his passion for river surfing.

Alex Mauer

As Alex’s skills grew, so did his curiosity about river surfing spots around Colorado. He traveled to new places, learning from fellow surfers and kayakers about new waves. By connecting with fellow surfers, Alex became part of a booming river surfing community. He witnessed the sport’s growth from a niche activity to a widely recognized specialty, with purpose-built river waves attracting crowds of surf enthusiasts.

Alex’s experience took a new turn when he surfed EpicSurf’s standing wave. His enthusiasm led him to reach out to Aquatic Development Group’s very own International Sales & Marketing Manager Julie Kline, on Instagram, securing an opportunity to surf EpicSurf during an invite-only surf session. “Luckily she let me come out and surf.” Alex recalls. “That was the best stationary wave I’ve ever surfed. With EpicSurf you can customize the wave so much. So, it was amazing.”

Alex Mauer on EpicSurf Standing Wave

EpicSurf’s versatility stood out to Alex. On the first day, the wave was set to a 3ft height, making it more beginner friendly and easy for people to learn to surf on. During one session, a thunderstorm caused everyone to leave except for Alex and his three friends. Once the weather cleared, the EpicSurf team turned the wave to its highest setting of 5ft , providing what Alex recalls as an exhilarating experience. Alex was impressed by the consistency and safety of EpicSurf. Unlike rivers, where changing currents and hidden debris pose risks, EpicSurf offers a fully controlled environment. The wave remains consistent year-round and is suitable for all experience levels, from beginners to experts, ensuring everyone can enjoy and improve their surfing skills.

The ability to fine-tune the wave also accelerates learning. “You can ride as many waves  as you want in one day. Surf an EpicSurf wave for like an hour, and you have more wave time than you’ve gotten in the ocean in like a week,” Alex explains. This consistency allows surfers to perfect maneuvers like turns, airs, and 360s faster than in unpredictable ocean conditions.